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Cast iron sectional heating radiators

Cast iron sectional heating radiators are designed for heating of residential, public and industrial buildings high-rise with the temperature of coolant to 130ºC (including a steam-heating systems) and operating pressure up to 0,9 MPa. Strength characteristics of radiators are guaranteed by the test pressure of not less than 1,5 MPa.

Large heat capacity can warm the room at a relatively low t ° of heat agent. The radiator is composed of individual cast iron sections, collected on the nipple rings with "0-ring" of high-quality heat-resistant rubber, instead of flat rubber gaskets. This increased the reliability and durability of the radiator to leak. The radiator is equipped with four plugs: two blind left-handed and two-through with screw holes in them.

Section radiator are made of cast iron SCH10 with lamellar graphite, nipples are made of ductile iron ferritic class KCH30-6f. Radiators produced a small (300 mm) and medium (500 mm) height.

Процесс заливки радиаторов

The advantages of cast-iron radiators

Due to its physical and chemical properties cast iron is an unsurpassed material for the production of heating technology and has the following advantages:

  1. durability and high corrosion resistance of cast iron as a structural material provides a long-term operation of radiators (not less than 30 years);
  2. selecting a certain number of sections can be adapted to the specific conditions of the radiator and achieve, therefore, the optimal thermal power;
  3. larger section of water channels provides longer-term operation at scale deposit;
  4. simple installation: radiators can be hung on the wall with brackets, or on racks mounted on the floor;
  5. simple and inexpensive repair: the ability to replace broken one or more sections, instead of a radiator.

In the foundry of radiators are successfully operating three automatic lines TS firm DZHIZETA "(Italy) for the production of rods radiator technology "Termoshok”. This project has improved the competitiveness of manufactured radiators, significantly saving energy, saving material and manpower reserves, improve the air quality in the territory adjacent to the plant.

Production termo.

Types of radiators:

MS-140M and BZ-140-300 - - the traditional dual-channel and three-channel radiators of low and medium height.
2K60P - dual-channel sectional radiators of modern design.
1K60P - new single-channel radiators.

Marks of Radiators

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RADIATOR 2KP100-90-500   RADIATOR 2K60P   RADIATOR 2KPM-90-500
B3-140-300   2K60P-300    MS-140M

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