In 2003, our quality system was successfully certified for compliance with international standard ISO 9001:2000 in the German certification body TUV CERT, with the participation of experts of the company "Intercertifica TUV Thuringen" (Moscow).

Radiator 2KPM-90x500

New heating radiator 2KPM-90x500 designed as an intermediate structure between the heatsink 2K60P-500 with a width of the section 138 mm and one-way radiator 1K60P with long sections of 60 mm. Radiator 2KP-90h500 depth section of 90 mm can be used in areas where a niche serving the sill is greater than 60 mm, but considerably less than 138 mm.

This panel radiator, dual-channel, with each side panel acts fins and three small fins to increase the heating surface.
Radiator 2KP-90x500 is more efficient than radiator 1K60P. By increasing the surface area of 15,8% the mass of the radiator increased only by 11,8%.

Mark 2KPM-90x500
Distance between centers of
nipple holes, mm
Surface heat transfer of one section, m ² 0,155
The capacity of one section, l 0,9
Weight of one section, kg 5,2
Specific metal  capacity, kg / kW 42,7
Linear heat density of flow
kW / m 
Power of one section, W  110

Technical passport to the radiator 2KPM-90x500.zip



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