In 2003, our quality system was successfully certified for compliance with international standard ISO 9001:2000 in the German certification body TUV CERT, with the participation of experts of the company "Intercertifica TUV Thuringen" (Moscow).

Radiator 2KP100-90x500

Radiator 2KP100-90x500 - is further improving the design of radiators 2KP. The depth of the section is preserved as a radiator 2KP-90; same section length increased to 100 mm. The space between the sections increased, so that the rate of heat convective heat flux increased. Had improved thermal and technical characteristics of the radiator, as compared with the radiator 2KP-90h500:
• for power in kW - 27%;
• on the surface of heat transfer in m ² - 6%;
• at lower specific heat in kg / kW - 17%.

Mark  2KP100-90-500
Distance between centers of
nipple holes, mm
Surface heat transfer of one section, m ² 0,184
The capacity of one section, l 1,07
Weight of one section, kg  5,5
Specific metal  capacity, kg / kW 35,7
Linear heat density of flow
kW / m
Power of one section, W 140

 Technical passport to the radiator 2KP100-90x500.zip





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