In 2003, our quality system was successfully certified for compliance with international standard ISO 9001:2000 in the German certification body TUV CERT, with the participation of experts of the company "Intercertifica TUV Thuringen" (Moscow).

Radiator 2K60

Cast iron heating radiators 2K60, 2K60P, 2K60P-300 and 2K60PP - dual-channel sectional radiators of modern design, adapted to the realities of operating in the heating systems of the CIS countries. The performance characteristics and their thermo-technical characteristics superior to commercially available in the CIS radiator MC-140.

Mark 260
Distance between centers of nipple holes, mm 500
Surface heat one section, m ² 0,175
The capacity of one section, l 1,07
Weight of one section, kg 5,1
Specific metal capacity, kg/ kW 44,2
Linear heat density flow, kW / m 2,000
Power of one section, W 120

Major modifications 2K60P radiator fins from the front ribs with their assembly form a front panel with a small vertical apertures. Radiators are manufactured with a mounting height of 500 and 300 mm. Modification of the 2K60 is not unlike the radiator fins 2K60P front ribs and is characterized by a large clearance between the columns of neighboring sections. Small length of radiator sections 2K60P and 2K60 (60 mm) and the corresponding heat output with minimum error can select heaters for space heating for various purposes, while providing a sufficiently high linear flow heat density from 1,17 to 2,0 kW / m
Radiator 2K60PP - a modernized radiator 2K60P. With the help of technology operations - machining - panel radiator 2K60PP bought a flat plane, and in conjunction with similar sections in the collection of the radiator found a harmonious and smooth surface along the entire length. More precise geometric dimensions of the radiator after treatment create the image of finished products, and therefore better fit into the modern interiors of apartments, offices and other premises.

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