In 2003, our quality system was successfully certified for compliance with international standard ISO 9001:2000 in the German certification body TUV CERT, with the participation of experts of the company "Intercertifica TUV Thuringen" (Moscow).

Radiator 1K60P-500

This radiator water channel and a correspondingly lower building dimensions, which makes it convenient to use in limited space area of the sill. The design did not have ribs fragments and edges, which prevents the accumulation of dust in the assembled heat sink.

Small thermal power of 0.07 kW one section allows you to choose the number of sections of the radiator for heating a specific area with minimal heat loss during heat transfer.

Mark 160P-500
Distance between centers of nipple holes, mm 500
Surface heat transfer of one section, m² 0,116
The capacity of one section, l 0,73
Weight of one section, kg 3,8
Specific metal capacity, kg/kW 54,3
Linear heat density of flow kW/m 1,167
Power of one section, W 70

In the production of radiator 1K60P used a new method of forming the front wall panel radiator. Panel formed as a single unit, completely in the bottom semiform in the form of a flat rectangle 560h65 mm.

Now it is possible decoration of the independent panel as an independent element with different versions of an image on it, such as, lines, notches, circles, ovals, etc., up to the artistic image or symbol of the assembled heat sink from the full number of sections .

Technical passport to the radiator 1K60P-500.zip


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