In 2003, our quality system was successfully certified for compliance with international standard ISO 9001:2000 in the German certification body TUV CERT, with the participation of experts of the company "Intercertifica TUV Thuringen" (Moscow).


Boilers, cast iron sectional hot water

Cast-iron sectional boilers KCHU "Effect", "Polimia", "KCHG-1P", "Domovik", "Fakel", "Minsk-1M» are intended for heating individual houses and other similar buildings and structures, equipped with water heating with natural or forced circulation of coolant (water) with a working pressure up to 0,4 MPa (4.0 kgf/cm2), and maximum water temperature at the outlet from the boiler to 368 K ° (95 ° C) for boilers up to 100 kW and operating pressures up to 0,6 MPa (6 kg / cm 2) and the maximum temperature to 115 ° C for boilers over 100 kW.

Boilers OAO MZOO, using gaseous fuels with modern burners and automatic control system, save up to 30% of gas consumption compared to boilers with manual control. Boilers OAO MZOO "have a good environmental indicators: emissions of combustion products of CO and NO2; 10-15% less emissions standards established by the State Standard 10617-83 and 20548-93.

The advantages of cast iron boilers:

1. excellent durability of cast iron heat exchanger and all other details - the average lifetime of boilers, 25 years;

2. high heat transfer coefficient;

3. strong resistance against corrosion in cast-iron block under the effect of condensate;

4. obtained by molding of complex curved surfaces for optimal heat and power.


KCHG "Polimia"

Available in two versions: KCHG "Polimia" - a gaseous fuel. KCHZH "Plamia" - a liquid with the possibility of transfer of the boiler with a gas to liquid and vice versa. In boilers used imported blow torch. Modern design and good aesthetic appearance of the boiler in a white jacket. The boiler can be manufactured with a heat exchanger for hot water for household needs. Nominal capacity - 150 liters water temperature at the outlet of the heat exchanger 55 ° C.

KVA "Fakel"

The upgraded version of the boiler "Fakel-G". Single and double-rib sections are joined during assembly to form a heat-resistant cable lock, which ensures gas-tight connection with a positive pressure in the furnace. Efficient heat transfer in a package by the high velocity of coolant (water) in a spiral of section to section. Fully automated boiler operation at any of the two power modes. Due to the tightness of the furnace space of the boiler can operate without the smoke exhauster.

KCHU "Effect"

Multi-fuel cast iron hot water boiler. For the best selection of heat used three-way traffic pattern of the combustion products (instead of one in the boilers of the old design). The boiler is made in gas-tight performance, which in versions KCHU-Gn and KCHU-ventricular apply modern fuel devices. The efficiency of the boiler into gas-tight performance above 3-4%. Possible translation of the boiler on the gaseous or liquid fuel by retrofitting, not requiring the dismantling of the boiler.

KCHV "Domovik"

Designed to run on natural gas, low pressure (1300 ± 200 Pa). The boiler uses natural gas burner injection type with incomplete premixed gas and air. The boiler is equipped with a convenient and safe automatic control unit.


Cast iron hot water boiler to run on local fuels. Compared with the base of the Minsk-1 ", a modernized increase the height of the boiler furnace, which allows you to burn wood, wood waste, peat briquettes and other solid fuels (coal, shale, coke, and waste, etc.). The design allows for upgrading of existing boiler to burn local fuels by changing the brickwork without replacement boiler "Minsk-1".


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