В 2003 г. наша система качества была успешно сертифицирована на соответствие международному стандарту ISO 9001:2000 в немецком органе по сертификации TUV CERT при участии экспертов компании "Интерсертифика ТЮФ Тюринген" (г.Москва).

About products

Capacities of the enterprise, modern a level of technologies and presence highly skilleds the nonproduction staff allow to let out production of wide assortment and splendid qualities at the low prices and in great volumes.

 From the beginning of 90th years JSC "Minsk Heating Equipment Works" carries out a policy of development and manufacture of small boilers (productivity up to 100 kw) and updating of boiler " FAKEL " on three versions instead of one - 0,4 Mw; 0,6 MB; and 1,0 Mw. It allows consumers to use them in independent systems of a heat supply counting upon the house, an entrance, the separate industrial case or a small complex of buildings of various purpose. Modern means of economical burning of gas and the liquid fuel, new designs of boilers for burning firm fuel allow to create simple systems in the service, working in the modes necessary to the consumer, and thus giving essential economy of fuel. Such systems with several boilers enable to adjust precisely submission of heat depending on weather conditions, starting from the most minimal when one unit will work, and gradually, if necessary, to connect the others Boilers.

 The enterprise lets out pig-iron section Boilers five models of various updating by capacity from 15 kw up to 1,0 Mw. They have doubtless advantages in comparison with the others which rust faster and burn through. Section pig-iron Boilers easily give in to repair - to replace section it is possible even in conditions of a cold season. Pig-iron as the constructional material, works not less than 25 years.

 by the Method of moulding it is received complex designs of boilers for the best selection of heat that raises their efficiency up to 92 percent, enables to refuse compulsory removal of products of combustion with the help flue. Now departing gases leave in the natural way under a pressure of the fan burner devices in conditions of full tightness fire-box spaces.

 Designing, development, manufacture, installation and service of the heating equipment and products of iron manufacture of the enterprise is certificated under requirements of standard ISO. At a factory there is department a service which serves all republic and many regions of Russia.

 We complete systems of heating new pig-iron radiatorами - 2K60, 1K60P, 2K60P, 2K60Pх90х500 which enable a choice at installation of systems of heating in the most different household and industrial premises. And our panel batteries surpass let out nowadays in many countries radiators such as MS on the thermotechnics to characteristics. At them much less hydraulic resistance, optimum section of vertical channels. Also these novelties are successfully entered in interiors of premises, where height of window sills of below standard sizes. They work with the heat-carrier at superfluous pressure up to 12 kgs/sm² instead of 9 kgs/sm². For these radiatorов the new structure of a priming covering on a water basis is developed. The attention radiator 1K60P-500 draws. At him one channel and, naturally, less building dimensions. It is convenient to apply it, at the limited space of premises.

 On the new equipment of Danish firm DISA are made fittings - connecting details for various pipelines, nipple for connection radiators and boilers, boiler and radiator set, cylinders for automobiles and Others moulding.

 For the further increase of labour productivity, improvement of quality of products, increases of competitiveness are made and planned a number of actions on mechanization, automation and reconstruction of manufacture.

It is invited to mutually advantageous cooperation of consumers of our production.




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